PLplot is a plotting library that can be used with a wide range of languages, such as C, C++, Fortran, Java, Python, and Perl. PLplot also can be used with Octave and Tcl. The library can generate output in a variety of image formats (Postscript, PDF, JPEG) and supports interactive output devices (X Windows, Tektronix).

Binary Releases

Below is a binary version of the PLplot for the Windows platform. If there are any issues with this library, please submit a bug report to the PLplot bug tracker or send an email to the plplot-general mailing list (Subscribe).

The new build features the MS Windows driver that I have been developing and is based on the current SVN trunk. I will offer a release version after I finish implementing some new features in the new driver. The new driver is called 'mswin' and should safely replace (in most cases) the wingcc and win3 drivers.

New features

These new features are available via a context menu, which is activated by using a right-click.

Bug fixes

The default library has been removed from the Fortran bindings. The library should link with any library type.

Download links

Binary Releases (3 July 2008) Minimal build, win32, VC7, Intel Fortran 10, Debug, Library Independent.
Older Binary Releases Minimal build, win32, VC7, Intel Fortran 9.1, LIBCMTD.LIB Minimal build, win32, VC7, Intel Fortran 9.1, MSVCRTD.LIB